The Perfect Baby Blanket

Jun 04

Shopping for the perfect baby blanket can be a confusing activity simple because you want to get a blanket made of the best fabric.  Definitely, you will want your baby to have the best.  Normally, most commercial baby blankets come in cotton, muslin, and wool.  The problem that most people encounter is that they do not know what the best fabric is for their baby.  Well, the solution is actually simple.  Choose a blanket based on the needs of your infant. Cotton   Baby blankets made of cotton are the most common commercial blankets in the market today.  Cotton is soft, cuddly, and manages to keep a baby wrapped in it warm and comfortable.  This is primarily due to the breathing characteristics of cotton especially if the cotton weave is expertly done. Micro Fiber   The problem with a lot of the cotton-based commercial blankets is that it does not last and is not resistant to weathering and the elements.  For instance, if the baby vomits after eating and the vomit lands squarely on the blanket, since it is cotton, stains may develop and leave his soft and cuddly baby blanket ugly and old.  On this note, if you are looking for long lasting blankets with almost the same properties as all the other conventional natural fabrics used for baby blankets while providing effective resistance against stains, then a baby blanket made of synthetic fibers is what you need.  Commonly called micro fiber blankets, these are resilient man-made fabrics with practically the same soft and cozy traits as those of their natural counterparts.  Furthermore, these blankets are easier clean. Muslin   This material is not commonly known by most people but is normally used in many commercial baby blanket products because of its identical properties to cotton.  The cotton and muslin weave is practically the same and this weave allows for any baby wrapped in it to stay warm, comfy, and fresh. Wool and Fleece   These fabrics are great for baby blankets when you are in an area where the climate is cold to freezing.  Baby blankets made of these fabrics are normally thick enough to keep the baby warm and cozy and soft enough for maximum comfort. Silk, Cashmere,...

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