Tips for Designing Your Baby’s Nursery

Mar 30

Designing a baby nursery is something most parents-to-be get excited about, particularly the mom-to-be. Designing a nursery feels a lot like decorating a dollhouse, something the vast majority of little girls love to do. But as a grown up designing the nursery for your very own real-life baby doll you’ll have a lot to choose from. There is a lot to think about. Here are some tips: Baby Artwork Whether you are aware of the gender of your baby, are not, or are or are not but want something gender neutral you’ll find a wide array of baby artwork options. Whether you have a character and theme in mind that’s popular or want to find baby artwork options that speak to your design style there are options that could suit your baby’s room even long after they’re walking and talking. Ideas: Animals Your baby’s name Nature Poetry / Literature The Alphabet Convenience for Tired Parents Beyond the color of the walls the flooring, and the window treatments you’ll want the room decorated in a way that is convenient as your baby settles in. Access to toiletries, clothing, and bedding is important. A place to sit and nurse as well as read stories is also a popular option. Some parents add a day bed into their baby’s room as this can serve the purpose of being a place for you to rest when you need to be near now as well as serve as a transition place when baby is ready to go from the crib to a bed. Safety First: Planning for Safety in the Baby’s Nursery Safety has to be on your mind as you design your baby’s nursery as well, of course. You want baby artwork that’s safe and not created with potentially harmful materials. You want items out of reach for when baby starts to move around. Blind cords can’t be dangling. Book cases should be carefully braced to the wall so that they can’t tip over. Safety gear such as electrical wall outlet covers and other such gear can also put your mind at ease. While it will be some months until a newborn becomes active it never hurts to plan and prepare in advance....

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