A Simple Guide To Patron Saint Medals

Apr 21

In Catholicism, as well as other Christian religions, a patron saint is one who is able to intercede on the behalf of others. Patron saint medals are worn to symbolize a particular saint the individual identifies with and whom serves an important part in their religious life. Patron saint medals are also worn after they have been blessed. The choice of patron saint medals is often very personal for adults. Sometimes it is because of the intercession of a saint at a very difficult time in a person’s life or after receiving a blessing. It is also not uncommon for patron saint medals to be passed down in families and worn as both a devotional and loving reminder of a family member. Understanding Specific Patron Saint Medals Catholics, or non-Catholics, may choose to give Catholic patron saint medals as gifts for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, First Communions or other types of special events. Each saint has a patronage, or an area to intercede with God on behalf of an individual. Patronage can range from a profession, specific geographic place or a condition. In some situations, particularly with challenges such as diseases, weaknesses and human conditions, there may be more than one patron saint. Talking to a priest can help determine which patron saint medal would be the right gift to give. Popular Catholic Patron Saint Medals While there are hundreds of patron saints, some medals are used more widespread as gifts and adornment than others. Some of the more popular saints and their patronage include: St. Christopher – patron saint of travelers St. Jude – patron saint of desperate situations St. Benedict – patron saint of school children St. Michael the Archangel – patron saint of protection, including police, and from sickness St. Francis of Assisi – patron saint of animals St. Mary Magdalene – patron saint of penitent sinners St. Agatha – patron saint of nurses This is just a very small sampling of the various medals available. Virtually any person can find a patron saint to watch over them in their daily activities and challenges they may be facing in life. The Catholic Gift Shop provides one of the best online selections of patron saint medals for...

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