First Communion Rosaries – The Perfect Gift for a Boy or Girl

Jul 27

First communion rosary beads can be the perfect gift from parents to a son or daughter. This holy gift will make your kids feel connected with God. It is the ideal gift to give to the kids on a day where they are sharing their intimate thoughts and feelings on a spiritual level. It is a great choice for Catholic families to give children first communion rosaries. It will allow their faith in God to grow and expand further. Deciding on the First Communion Rosaries Color and Design First you have to decide on the type of first communion that will suit your child. Different first communion rosaries are available based on gender. You can choose from among different types of rosaries. Some of the rosaries are made out of gold or silver, while others are made of garnet, glass beads, crystal, and other materials. Moreover, the color and design of the beads can differ. Some girls prefer pink color beads while boys may have a penchant for blue or another dark color. The design of the bead will differ in that some are rectangular while others are square, round, or heart shaped. Price of the Rosary Beads The second important consideration when purchasing rosary beads is the price. The price of the first communion rosaries depends on the bead material and design. For instance, gold beads are more costly compared to other bead materials. Glass and plastic beads tend to be the least expensive compared to other types. In addition, the price of the first communion rosary depends on the design of the beads. The more elaborate the design, the higher the price of the communion rosary. You must buy a communion rosary that suits your budget and requirements. Buying a communion rosary that is priced in the range of $10 to $ 100 may be understandable, but dishing out $500 – $900 for the communion rosary may defeat the purpose of buying one for your kids. Packaging Finally, you must ensure that the communion rosary is adequately packaged. The communion rosary should be packaged in a way that it ensures perfect protection of the beads. A good quality package will ensure complete safety of the gift and keep...

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