Unique Gifts: Vintage Belt Buckles

Sep 07

If you are considering purchasing a gift for someone you’re close to, you may want to look into vintage belt buckles. They make for good, personable, and practical gifts that can also made for a great start or addition so a growing collection. While true vintage belts may be prohibitively expensive, those that are rendered in the style are still collectible while being affordable. Vintage Belt Buckles: Shopping Out of the Box Choosing a vintage belt buckle is one way of shopping outside of the box. It is a way of saying you realize how unique this person is. It can be considered a practical gift. It can also be seen as a creative one. It is particularly suitable for someone who collects belt buckles as a hobby. Yet, it is also an intriguing gift for those with a creative mindset. It is even a great gift for someone who is passionate about history since belt buckles have a long and colorful past. Vintage Belt Buckles: A Brief History Belt buckles began as a utilitarian object. They had one purpose: to fasten things together. They tied the opposing ends of belts and made them capable of creating a fashion statement or holding up trousers. Over the centuries, they became more elaborate. The Chinese, Greeks and Romans wore belt buckles that were more than just practical: they were works of art. These now antique or vintage belt buckles served more than one purpose. Various European groups also adopted the belt to suit their needs. They combined practicality with cultural aesthetics. The Celts designed elaborate but highly artistic belt buckles featuring what now are classic designs for vintage belt buckles. They featured the traditional Celtic knot as well as the Celtic Cross and the Tree of Life. The Anglo-Saxons also created practical belts, hanging their weapons from it. This required stronger material. Their belt buckles reflected their culture and status. The belt buckle had risen to be a symbol of the status of the wearer, while reflecting the culture of the individual in its style. The shift between the practical and the ornamental for what are now considered antique or vintage belt buckles has fluctuated over the years from the Middle...

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