Baby Gift Baskets & Sets Contribute to Healthy Mental Development

by | May 2, 2019 | Gifts

A baby’s healthy mental development is just as important as healthy physical development. When an infant reaches eight months old, there are noticeable changes in how a baby acts and responds. Up until this point, the infant has been almost completely dependent on the parents. In what seems like events that happen overnight, the baby exhibits a unique personality and increasing awareness of, and interaction with, the world. Baby gift baskets & sets that include lots of toys and engage the child’s mind make ideal gifts for holidays, special events, or just because it is fun to be a gift giver.

Promoting healthy mental development in any child is important, but how a child is encouraged to learn and play when under a year old can influence future learning. The ideal gift basket will include a variety of toys that the baby can play with independently or with mom and dad. The goal is to encourage learning and the development of the baby’s cognitive abilities. Themed gift baskets like a “safari basket” filled with stuffed animals, a pretend camera, and a rainbow maker that makes sounds also promotes learning with all the senses.

Learning at the Right Rate for Baby

One of the important facts parents need to keep in mind though is that a child will learn and develop at his or her own rate. Mom and dad can encourage learning but not force it at a particular rate. Giving a baby plenty of colorful toys that make noise is one strategy for encouraging mental development. Parents do not have to wait for a gift basket either because they can choose from among the many available and purchase one that best fits their child’s stage of development or interests.

Gift baskets & sets include themes like the alphabet, kittens, sports, and much more. A basket filled with early learning toys, books, and rattles will promote healthy playtime and learning. A basket designed to encourage mental development through play will also encourage language development and awareness of sights and sounds. Health professionals encourage parents to give babies toys that produce a variety of sounds, require varying skills to use, and present new experiences.

Basket of Adventures

Though babies under a year old should learn to amuse themselves for an hour or two at a time, parents must still ensure the child gets lots of opportunity to play with a variety of toys that promote early learning. While playing with the baby, it is good to do a lot of talking at the same time. This encourages the development of communication skills and helps the baby learn word and object associations. Personalized gift baskets & sets are filled with a number of items, and even the basket can be used as a learning tool. For example, items can be pulled out or put away one at a time as the parent counts or says the name of the toy. It is amazing how soon a baby will decide which toys are the favorite ones and will be motivated to try imitating the sounds.

Baby baskets are practical gifts to present parents who are encouraging a baby’s mental development. Parents do not have to wait for a holiday or special event though. They can buy a basket filled with new adventures for their baby anytime they want. For more information about these services click here. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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