Month: January 2013

How to select the best baby jewelry

One of the most beautiful and personalized gifts that can be given for the birth of a child is baby jewelry. Easily personalized by birthstone, or with an engraving, baby jewelry is a beautiful present for a new child. Both boy and girl children can be the recipient...

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Get Your Man a Military Ring Today

You have rings for schools showing off your alma mater’s colors, wedding rings with your loved ones but do you have military rings for men? They’re out there. Get one today to remember the service you or a loved one performed in defending our country! A military ring...

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Chapped Lips Treatment Ideas For Winter

You know that feeling. You smile widely and you feel a little sting in the center of your lip .... or you yawn really big and you feel a crack open up at the corner of your lips. Ouch! Chapped lips hurt! Some of us experience chapped lips in the spring and summer, but...

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