How to select the best baby jewelry

Jan 21

One of the most beautiful and personalized gifts that can be given for the birth of a child is baby jewelry. Easily personalized by birthstone, or with an engraving, baby jewelry is a beautiful present for a new child. Both boy and girl children can be the recipient of this type of gift.

Focus on choosing quality materials

Whether you are buying new jewelry for a boy or girl, it is important to select the highest quality jewelry for the new baby. It is best to avoid cheap or poorly made jewelry that can scratch or irritate the delicate newborn skin. Many parents who receive jewelry for their newborns will wait until the baby gets a little older before allowing them to wear it. Nonetheless, selecting the best quaity baby jewelry will show that you have taken the best care when choosing the right gift. If the baby jewelry you are selecting will have birthstones, it is important to have a jeweler check to make sure the stones are genuine. Also try to choose sterling silver or genuine gold as these are the best quality materials for baby jewelry.

Make sure the jewelry is safe

In addition to choosing baby jewelry that is made from the best material, you will also want to opt for those that have the best construction. Poorly constructed jewelry could break apart and pose a choking hazard to an infant or toddler. With well-made, consistently high quality baby jewelry, you can be certain that the baby will be safe from any harm posed by loose pieces or easily broken beads.

Engravings send a special message

Engravings are very popular on baby jewelry and are a great way to customize a chain or bracelet. If you are considering buying this for your child or as a gift for another baby, consider what you want your engraving to say. Many people choose to put the baby’s name and birthday on the baby jewelry as well as installing the baby’s birthstone. Although this is a frequent choice, it is also worth considering placing a special message  for the child. Personalizing the baby jewelry with a unique message will mean more when the child becomes older and is much less generic than simply engraving a name and birthday.

By following these tips and guidelines, you can rest assured that the baby jewelry you select will be both memorable and long lasting.

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